no disclaimers

i'm the way that i am
because i hate the way that the rest are.
i'm trying to believe
and ignore the one who they say deceives.
but just so that it's said,
all that he's said to me has come to be.
which is why i just wish
that i lived in a world that hated you,
that would chase you down a real dark alley,
catch you, say what it says to me to you,
then ignore you as you do what it said to do.
but i don't.
i live in a world that celebrates you
and applauds all the bullshit that you do;
never giving a fuck for the people
that you fuck when you do what it is that you do.
it just won't.
i live in a world
that loves to return assumed fire.
i love in a world
that lives to return assumed fire.
it's a damn shame
that the game will never change.
it's a damn game
that the shame will never change.
it's true.
the have-nots don't like being the fearless.
they don't.
the fearless won't like being the have-nots.
they won't
so the crazy get to call the crazy crazy,
while the crazy get to get called crazy by the crazy.

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