simple mix

want to make that mix of love and hate?
it's simple, don't hesitate just grab a plate
and start with a pinch of pocket lint.
get it out the pocket of that gay, black republican.
you know, the cat that's looking for a mate?
who stands up straight,
who you just love to hate.
then take a spoonful of the punch they served at the last muslim, jew and christian singles mixer.
stir in a little oil and water, not too slow just a little quicker than that one legged sprinter.
sprinkle in three pinches of a star that's kind enough, to go slow enough for you to catch it.
just make sure you remove all the wishes and put some hope in it.
don't stop there you're almost done.
come on keep up this is getting fun.
now, let that sit on the floor for about four days.
it'll take that long to find the blind man who sees the error in your ways.
from him get the picture he carries of the woman he wants to marry and put that under the dish for balance.
dress the dish in the garnish that was planted by the hands of the quadriplegic monk who stands but refuses to sit in silence.
now boil the mix in the oven until it reaches about thirty below.
some say that's not possible but since you made it this far, you must be knowledgeable of what they don't know.
lastly, after the heat has gotten your creation cold enough, take it out and put it on the table.
look at it with pride because you just took your imagination and made something that everyone else thought to just be a fable.

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